Fig. 3: Published Work

The Devastator Quarterly is a print comedy magazine featuring writers from The Daily Show, The Onion, Adult Swim, McSweeney's, and also Ben. You can see his writing in Devastator #7: Spies. Buy it here..

Precipitating Paradise: Delayed Suicide as a Shortcut to Heaven is a short essay describing a 'theological loophole' practiced throughout the medieval Catholic Church whereby individuals would set in motion a chain of events that would inevitably bring about their death. However, they'd leave themselves enough time to confess their sins, thus gaining absolution from the act and gaining entrance to Heaven. It was published in the Chapman University Honors Journal, Sapere Aude as a non-fiction piece, despite the fact that Ben made the whole thing up. But don't tell them that. Click here to read it.

Morkan's Horse is an online literary journal where a piece Ben wrote about teaching science, entitled "Stump the Scientist", is published. Read it here.

Do Instagram posts count as published work? Who knows. Check out my Instagram anyway

ZG is co-written by Ben Deeb and Graham Towers about two astronauts who accidentally survive the Earth's inexplicable destruction. Ben does the illustration, so the characters don't move much. Check it out.

The Middlest Child is a now-defunct comedy site. Ben wrote some stuff for them way back when. Click here to read his articles (but only if you've read literally every other piece of writing on this site.

New issues of Paranoid American's Secret Mystery School , written by Ben, are released every Monday at 11:11am. Read them here.